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As your right-hand person, sounding-board and trusted support I will provide the expertise, additional resource and extra can-do you need to help power your business.

Why a Virtual Assistant?

Do you have the time to do everything?

Is it efficient for you to do everything?

Do you have the expertise to do everything?

You can do anything, but not everything.

– Dave Allen

Working with a Virtual Assistant

I want to enable business people to be more effective and to make their time as efficient as possible, so I created MK-Virtual Assistant.  If you want to find out about me, please have a look at my About page.  However, I want to talk to you about why you might work with a Virtual Assistant, let me describe different client types whom I work with and I’m sure you will see a correlation between my descriptions and yourself in there.

As an Entrepreneur you are decisive, have great confidence, are a driven person who’s full of ideas and wants to get things done.  You’ve probably set up your own business(es) and are working on your own or with a couple of people who provide niche roles for you (i.e Accountant / Social Media Campaign Manager).  You’ve recognised that you need support to achieve more.  You are aware that the greatest entrepreneurs have always surrounded themselves with excellent support which has enabled them to go further.  You need a right-hand person to work with to make things happen.  Someone who will take your thoughts and ideas forward into reality for you.  Examples of work that would be beneficial for Entrepreneurs:

  • Creating selling platforms for training courses, allowing passive income to generate in the background plus the ongoing management of the platform.
  • Designing course branding and formatting all course materials to align, creating a comprehensive and professional training brand.
  • Sourcing and investigating potential suppliers for new services or products, therefore reducing the amount of your time spent on the process and providing a comprehensive summary to enable you to make the final decision.

Finding the right someone you can work alongside and who will help bring your ideas to fruition is such a profound relief. Check out my Services page for further details or my Rates page for costings.

As an Executive you hold a senior position with a business, but find that sometimes you require assistance to make everything happen when it is needs to.  The commitment of a fulltime PA is not something the business wants to engage with, however, in the same way that you might hire contractors to manage your IT infrastructure or perform your catering needs, a Virtual Assistant can provide your business with a short-term, making things happen at pace, solution.  Examples of work for an Executive might include:

  • Utilising existing company branding to create top level presentations for important events.
  • Updating existing brochures, newsletters or other outward facing documentation into a modern e-format ready for digital distribution. 
  • Complete events solution management; from sourcing a venue, to creating the slideshow, to managing your attendees, facilitating on-the-day onsite management of the event and obtaining feedback.
  • Establishing Programme Management procedures and reporting to give valuable insight and understanding of all non-BAU work taking place within your business. 

All of these services are ideal for businesses which do not need a full-time commitment into any of these roles, but would benefit from a highly skilled and versatile Virtual Assistant who can deliver them.  Improving efficiency, knowledge and capabilities within the business, without increasing overheads or being a long-term commitment. Check out my Services page for further details or my Rates page for costings.

As a Public Speaker or Trainer you give presentations and/or speak at events regularly.  You are an expert on your subject, highly sought to provide training or give insights.  You always have great feedback about what you’ve said, but no real compliments about what’s been onscreen whilst you’ve been delivering it.   You want visually stimulating and engaging slides you can bespoke for each client in a format that you understand (i.e. PowerPoint). You want to work with a creative VA who specialises in crafting beautiful, interesting and exciting slideshows, who also utilises design software plus top quality subscription artwork and photography. Check out my Services page for further details or my Rates page for costings.

As a Business Owner you have employees who rely on you to provide for all their business needs.  Your business is not yet large enough to justify employing a PA, but you know that there aren’t enough hours to achieve everything that needs to be done.  You are also aware that your support requirements are not just admin and that you need a right-hand person, someone who you can implicitly trust to get things done for you.  Examples of work that may be useful to a Business Owner:

  • Creating policies and procedures, plus providing templates which combine into a cohesive and comprehensive solution to bring organisation and structure to the administrative side of the business.
  • Providing creative & digital solutions for your customer communications, e.g. e-newsletters or e-brochures utilising design software plus top quality subscription artwork and photography to create highly professional business publications.
  • Investigating procurement solutions for your business needs or comprehensive travel solutions for your teams.

Working with a VA can provide you with solutions for various requirements within your business, enabling you to be more productive and focus on making your business work effectively and growing it further. Check out my Services page for further details or my Rates page for costings.

As a Sole Trader you are ultimately responsible for everything – the doing of your business and the running of it.  It’s hard work and there’s usually no-one else to bounce ideas off or to support you.  Many times you’ll find yourself working into the evenings or at weekends to complete your admin or manage your business.  Possible you haven’t been employed by anyone else and have no “business knowledge”.  Working with a VA can provide the extra hours in your day, fill any gaps in your knowledge base or provide an expert in areas outside your comfort zone:

  • Helping you to organise your administrative tasks, providing you with digital solutions for your current manual processes.
  • Providing a creative helping-hand for your social media marketing, providing branded social media which is vastly superior and ensures that everyone who sees it knows that it is your work.
  • Providing you with the creatives to enable you to run your own social media campaign.  You know what you want to say and when you want to say, but you don’t know how to make it look visually exciting or engaging for your customers.  

Working with a VA can provide you with big-business knowhow and knowledge base plus a creative VA can help you with your social media marketing creatives and design which allows you to then manage it yourself as required. Check out my Services page for further details or my Rates page for costings.

Working with a Virtual Assistant provides vital support and expertise, with no long-term overhead commitment, just the support you need – when you need it.


Polly has become more than a VA in my business, she is someone who helps me identify opportunities and suggests changes to how I do things to really drive my business. I’ve known Polly professionally for a number of years and knew when I needed to start investing in my business for year two in terms of materials, services and visibility that she would be able to support what I was trying to achieve. We work closely together on what needs to be done and then I don’t need to think about it again while Polly creates what we’ve discussed to perfection. She gives me back time and headspace to serve my clients so they get the best value whilst my business is still pushing forward.

Laura Harrison

L H Retail Development