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MK-Virtual Assistant was created as a one-stop shop of Executive Assistance services, enabling you to benefit on a project or job specific basis.  Established in 2020 by Polly Myall, an experienced assistant who has worked for CEOs, Directors and Executives in various businesses and industries for 20+ years and is now based from a home office in Milton Keynes.

If you were to write a job description for the role of an Executive VA you would definitely include the following criteria, all of which I exemplify:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • High standard of admin and organisational capabilities 
  • Ability to work independently, under pressure, with confidentiality and discretion
  • Greatly experienced in planning, organising and coordinating functions and special events
  • Able to manage multiple projects
  • Knowledgeable about business practices
  • Creative and logical persona
  • An eye for detail, able to see both the big picture and analyse strategically

I wanted to utilise the skill-set obtained through my 20+ years and offer those services on a job-by-job or project basis to business people, providing a solution to business needs without being a financial burden or long-term overhead.


Events Management; including small dinners with clients, team building days, conferences for suppliers and colleagues with attendee numbers ranging up to 2,000 and spanning locations such as local hotels, the NEC and 5* London venues. 

Creatives; designed various templates for forms, documents, policies and procedures, plus various templates for presentations and a created a vast number of presentations.  Design and create creatives for business adverts and social media. 

Website; designed websites and managed SEO.

Branding; created branding for businesses (including menus, letterheads, invoices, business cards, ID cards and reports) plus bespoke branding for presentations and other publications.

Personal Assistant; provided comprehensive support service including diary and email management, research, creation of board papers, management of meetings (including agenda setting, attendee organisation, minute taking and electronic management and coordination of responses), creation of tender documents and electronic publication of newsletters and brochures.

Procurement; provided a full procurement process, which included sourcing suppliers for competitive quotes, researching providers to ensure business viability and securing samples for quality assurance purposes. 

Personal Shopping; sourcing gifts for team members, colleagues and spouses.

Project Management; managing various projects to deliver business improvements or supporting large scale events.

Programme Management; creating reporting structures to enable a full understanding and KPI tracking of all BAU work taking place within a business.  Enabling understanding of what’s happening and ensuring strategic alignment.  

Travel Arrangements; provided travel arrangements for multiple country and location business travel, including flights, airport transfers, accommodation, train bookings and dinner reservations.  Ensuring a comprehensive travel itinerary will all relevant information is provided.

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

– Henry Ford