Inspirational Quote 3

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There are so many people who work on their own or within small businesses.  It’s a great way to work, building your own business, in control of your own density (as much as the fates allow) and being your own boss.  However, these benefits can sometimes have a less positive side; being the one who has to do everything, not having someone to talk with when you need to work things through, not having enough time to get everything done and when you don’t know how to do something having to spend hours learning or muddling through by yourself – it can then become a lonely existence. 

Finding someone who you can work with long term for the benefit of your business is a great solution to those issues.  Through my years working for Executives and Directors, I’ve been a sounding board, someone to vent to, someone to manage anything and everything that came my way – to make life easier for my boss; everyone needs a Polly.

Working with a VA really brings some great benefits; someone who already knows how to do the things that you don’t, who takes on time-consuming tasks and manages them seamlessly, who understands your business and is invested in making sure that it’s successful (after all your business is my business), who has a varied and different skill-set from you and who isn’t a financial burden or long-term overhead.

Coming together is the beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.

Henry Ford

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