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For me this is such a seminal statement around working with a VA “As an entrepreneur or business owner, you have to recognize what your highest best use is, and whatever tasks don’t meet that threshold, those are the tasks to delegate.” by the author of this article, Stephan Spencer.

I was recently extolling the virtues of a VA and offered the example of creating a presentation.  Let’s say it takes a business person 5 hours to create a presentation, but that same presentation they could spend just 30 minutes making notes on what they want included and then pass to a VA to format for them. 

Whilst it may then take the VA 3 hours to pull together, the client has gained back 4.5 hours.  Plus, and this is where the investment of working with a great VA kicks-in, a skilled VA can create within that timeframe a highly polished and professionally set of slides, utilising software and subscription art/photo services that aren’t viable business expenditure for ad-hoc use.  Providing clients with a standard of presentation which will elevate their business interactions.   

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I have a great free tool whereby you can plot all the tasks that you don’t have the time to do, it’s an inefficient use of your time or not your area of expertise – please feel free to download it and hopefully it will start to give you insight into where a VA can add value to your business. 

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