My First Video Advert

I made a video advert. I am so excited that it’s out there, not just because it’s a way to generate new clients, but because it was something I learnt to do.

I decided that I needed something more than a picture advert and investigated what solutions I could use and now it’s another feather in my cap, as I can offer this solution to clients too.

This is something I really love about working for myself. I’ve had to learn new software and packages for clients’ work and I’ve found solutions for new ideas I’ve wanted to do, like the advert. Working for yourself can be a bit scary, as you have to set your own goals and learn to push yourself further to develop and evolve, often without input from others. It would be easy to stick to the known and keep developing what I am already good at. Where’s the challenge in that! I want to learn & develop and go on a journey with my clients.

I really enjoy finding a solution to fit a puzzling issue, working things out and taking a chaotic mess of ideas or even paperwork – bringing it all together to seamlessly work.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s my video advert which has been showing on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.

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